Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Best mini projectors to buy Online in 2018

Best mini projectors to buy Online in 2018

In 2018 if you won't to college.schooland office do you love projectors if yes then here are the best mini portable projectors you can buy them online.

Uo smart beam laser

UO smart beam laser is portable 2 inch cube projects up to 150 inch HD screen. It equips LCOS technology and always stay focused. simply connect with a smartphone, pc, tablet, laptop or any other devices to play video, audio, pictures, presentations using wifi or wire.


Cinemood is the first cloud connected mini cinema projector that was specially designed for families. It is simple, small and portable that has preloaded library and supports wireless update.

Anker smart projector

This soda can sized capsule is the world's smallest, portable projector and it is great for gaming. It runs Android, has a built in battery, blasts 360 sound and can cast a 100 inch image.

Sony portable mobile projector

It is a great companion to project your favorite content from portable devices anywhere you go. It can be equipped with both wifi and bluetooth technologies and an HDMI port and can connect to both android and Iphone.

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