Thursday, November 29, 2018

How much earn /Make money robot 2.0 opening claction -TheReviewNow

2.0 made from the first day's earning history, made the biggest blockbuster movie on the first day

Friends, the film, which is set out from the budget of 600 crores, is continuously performing well at the 2.0 box office. And let me tell you that this movie has been able to do a small business at the box office on the very first .
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The film has collected about Rs 70 crore from India Bus, the same film has collected collections of around 100 million World Wide. Let us know that trade experts believe that this film will be India's biggest opening film.
Earlier, Amir Khan's thriller, Thugs of Hindustan, made a new history by earning Rs 52 crores on the first day. And now this record will be recorded in the name of Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth, please tell you that this film has been directed by Shankar

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