Saturday, November 17, 2018

how to recover deleted photos and videos in android phones

 Today we are find out how to recover or download deleted video, photos and file in android smartphone, Android smartphones and users show a lot of enthusiasm about the entire data of their phones. In addition to contact, messages and WhatsApp, besides photos and videos. However, people are no longer worried about the contact and whatsapp. Because its backups come to Google. Yes, if photos and videos are deleted, then it becomes difficult. Photos and video backups in the Android phone are given in the Google Photo App but people do not keep backup because it consumes a lot of Internet usage. In such a situation, you may have a problem if there is a need to delete the necessary photo.

However, let me tell you there are some tricks that can help you recover deleted photos. Next we suggest ways to recover deleted photos in android phones.

Solution 1

In the Android phone, you can view or delete photos by visiting the Gallery or the Google Photos app, and recovering photos from here is quite easy. If you have deleted the image with the Google Photos app and need to recover it,
1. First open the Google Photos app.

2. Click the menu item above the left side.

3. Along with this, you will get a Bean option below, click it. All deleted photos will appear here.
4. Select and restore photos that are to be recuperated. With this, the photo will come in your gallery.

Remember that you can recover deleted photos from within a month. After one month it will be removed from here and it is difficult to find. Although the other is also the way you can recover deleted photos for a long time.

Solution 2

Not only this, if you have deleted photos from the gallery but not the Google Photos, and it's been a long time that the method is different. You can take the help of a third party app. DiskDigger Photo Recovery for Deleting Photo Recovery DiskDigger photo recovery is a very good app and its use is also very easy.
1. For the photo receiver through this app 1.First of all, download the DiskDigger photo recovery app from Google Play Store in your phone.
2. When the app is downloaded, open it.
3. Here you will find two options. For a Route Phone and for the other unsurpassed phone. You have to click on that option in the beginning of the phone.

4. Clicking will start the scan and it will ask you for permission to access the image and media files. Once it is OK, the scan will start and in some cases all the phone's deleted photos will be taken to the screen.
5. You can select photos and transfer them to memory card or phone memory.
File Recovery app

How to delete the video recovered In
addition to the DiskDigger in the Android phone, you can also take the Mobysaver app. This app is special for recovering videos with photos. This app is the best app if you want to recover a deleted video. F
1. You need to download the EaseUS MobiSaver - Recover Files, SMS & Contacts app from Google Play
2. It will have the option of photo and videos below, you have to click on it. With this, the scan will start and in a few minutes all the data will be in front of you.
3. You can recover deleted photos by selecting it.
One thing to say here is that if you have factory data reset or formatted your phone, then recovery can be a bit difficult

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