Wednesday, November 14, 2018

ATM Didn't Dispense Money But Amount Deducted ?

If money goes out of money from ATM and money is withdrawn from the bank, what should be done in such a way?

If you want to be safe while taking money from ATM, then you must know these 10 things.
). The State Bank of India (SBI), the largest bank in the public sector, has been sharing some tips from time to time so that they can add Safe Banking to their habit. With the help of ATM or Debit Card, customers often forget to hide their password while extracting cash, which makes the possibility of fraud very fast.

According to SBI, you should first sign your card in the back of the card when you get the card.
You should keep changing your ATM PIN at regular intervals and should never keep your ATM PIN with your debit card nor write it on your ATM. You just have to remember it.
The details of your ATM card and its PIN number should not be shared with anyone, then whether it is a bank, an Indian bank association, a government agency, a family person, a friend or someone else.
Try that when you are entering the ATM room and withdrawing money, then do not allow any stranger to enter the ATM room and try to get help during the transaction of a stranger.
When you are entering your PIN on the keypad to withdraw money, try to hide your PIN. By doing this, you can keep your transactions safe.
You should not throw your transaction slip in the ATM room as it contains information related to your account.
After entering the ATM room you should wait till the ATM machine is in its right position and not blinking the green line in it. Only after blinking the green light, you should put your ATM in the machine.
Swapping your card at the hotel, shop or mall should be done in front of you. It should be avoided at some unknown place.
If you lose your ATM card at any cost, then you should immediately give the information to the bank. If you are an SBI card holder, you should immediately call 1800 425 3800 or 1800 11 22 11. You should immediately block your card and you should finish the old as soon as you get the new card.
According to SBI, if you do not get cash and ATM machine does not flash the message of cash out then you should immediately report its complaint to the number written on the notice board.

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