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Should you upgrade to Windows 10 or not? How do you know

Should you upgrade to Windows 10 or not? How do you know

When Windows
 * came out on July 10, 2015, many people were cautious while singing praises, but over time, security improvements, increased privatization facilities and gaming focus on many critics. Everything, Windows
 * 10 is a very stable, secure, and feature-packed operating system (OS). Most people will benefit from using Windows
 * 10, and in this article we will cover whether this is the best option for you or not.

Top Reasons to Upgrade to Windows * 10

Top Three Reasons to Upgrade Windows:

Better interfaces (start menus) and personalization

Advanced security features

Great gaming couple

Improved interface and personalization

The way we interact with our PC, improving it is one of the key progress in Windows * 10. By bringing the Start menu back, and presenting Courta * (a personal assistant), the Microsoft User Interface (UI) is improving and points are liked with users, with simplicity.

Updated Windows

Windows 10 PC

start menu

The Microsoft Start menu was introduced with Windows * 95 20 years ago. Since then, it has been through much repetition, but no major changes were made until the release of Windows 8 * when the Start menu was replaced with the Start Screen and "Live Tiles". There was a slight shock for touch-based interfaces and full screen users of the app. Microsoft has loud and clear criticism.

Windows * 10 did not return the Start menu, but it was also added to the best features of the Windows * 8 Start Screen. Using the new Start Menu in Windows * 10, you can:

Change your size by dragging the borders or corners of the Start menu

Organize, add, or remove any tiles, programs or apps that appear on the Start menu

Make it completely personalized by changing color scheme and other settings

Corta *

Cortana * Windows * 10 OS is a personal digital assistant. More than just a search engine, Cortana can answer questions *, search for your whole PC for files or documents, provide reminders, track flights, or even tell a joke is. Cortana * is also available on Android devices and Xbox One consoles.

Edge Browser *

Microsoft freed Internet Explorer with Windows Explorer and introduced its new browser-edge *. According to Microsoft, the browser was built from the ground up to provide a clean, modern, easy way to surf the web and take advantage of future progress.

New features let you do this:

Preview several pages by hovering over open tabs

Pin pin pin on the browser bar for one-click access to commonly visited sites

When you receive deals, coupons, and notifications, Cortana *

Virtual desktops

Since Mac and Linux users already know, virtual desktops are great for those people who open many programs together but want to keep things organized. Microsoft's goal in creating a virtual desktop was:

Give users more desktop space in window related to group

Help users find and switch a window or window promptly

Allows users to move windows as rearranged groups and development tasks

Windows Inc. *

Windows Inc. * is an attractive feature that was introduced with the Windows * 10th Anniversary Edition. Windows Inc. * Workspace provides notes, edits, or even a digital pen to make a sticky note. Windows Inc. * includes a sketchpad, screen sketch capabilities, as well as your favorite digital pen apps.

Security improvements

Some have said that Windows * 10 is the most stable and secure OS from Microsoft to date. Security in today's digital world is a big concern, and Windows * 10 was built with security. These safety enhancements include:

Windows hello *

Use Windows Hello * to log in to your PC faster and safely. Using the camera on your PC, Windows Hello * will log you into your account immediately and securely. Or, you can use the fingerprint reader, which works in the same way. Once you have enabled Windows Hello *, you can also use it with compatible apps like Dropbox, so that you can enter your password manually. Signing in is just fast and safe.

Windows Defender*

Windows * 10 offers a fully-designed Windows Defender *, which helps protect your PC against malware and viruses. Windows Defender * runs in background scanning files when you access them (and before you open them!).

Windows Firewall*

Windows Firewall * protects your network's security by preventing hackers and malicious software from entering your PC. Windows Firewall * establishes a protective barrier between your PC and the hackers of the world.

Great gaming

You can make a case that Windows * 10 is in mind with gamers

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