Wednesday, January 23, 2019

How to Protect Your Bike Engine In Winter (Cold) Sestion

How to Protection Bike Enging in Winter (Cold) Sestion

The impact of the cold on the trains is seen and this is the time, in the winter, car and bike care is also needed because in winter you do not only have your vehicle but it also seems cold. Today we are going to tell you a few ways to check the bike, for which you can find out whether it is worth the cold.

1. The engine,
In cold weather, oil becomes thicker, do not forget to check the engine oil in your car, if the oil is low it must be top-up. Due to this the pressure on the engine increases. It has to push the battery to make it dynamic. In the closed engine the resting voltage of the battery should be 12.6V. Tighten the connections and apply a little grease to the terminal.

2. Tires,
The effect of winter season is on tires. If your car's tires are worn then change it soon or else the fear of sliding the car on the wet roads remains. Make sure to check the rubber trade depth. There is a difference of 2ppi in tire pressure at every 10 degrees. In this season, air pressure should be kept early check-2. This is the time when the war-fighting products should be used on the bike.

3. Light,

If your vehicle does not have fog lights, driving on the highway will not be less than the danger. Also, check the headlights of the car and check whether their lights are moving in the right direction or not.

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