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How to add SBI account in Google Adsense ,I crossed$100 How to apply bank transfer from Google Adsense

How to transfer money from google adsense to bank accoun (SBI) into Google Adsense Payment -Thereviewnow

Google adSense online is a way to earn money by making people earn. Google AdSense sends money to you in many ways, such as if you are making money from YouTube, whatever your Google Adsense account will be, if you develop the Android application Even if you are putting an ad, your money will be available in Google Adsense only if you are creating a website and you have linked Google AdSense to it, your money is still available. Google Adsense is the right way to earn an online money and the trust is being used by millions of people, but most people are having trouble at that time then Google AdSense sends you money into your account. Many people are upset about what bank they have opened an account or Google Adsense supports more than that bank, because of the people inside Confused In India, most of the accounts used by Google Adsense are in SBI State Bank of India, because of being a government bank, many people do not understand whether it will come in or if not today In this article, we will give you complete information about SBI State Bank of India. 

Link SBI Bank account into Google Adsense

If you have exceeded $ 10 in your Google Adsense account, then you will be sent a PIN for PAN Verification from Google Adsense. If you fill it correctly on your address and if you fizz me properly After you click on Google Adsense I will click Balance, you have to click on My Payments or go directly from MyPayment to My Payment. After this, you will see an option Add payment method to let you know that before 10 downloads, the option will be closed for you. If you cross the $ 10 figure today then after that you will start the option, after that you will be there If you have an account in SBI and the branch of the bank is not large, then you can still add to your account because no matter how small the bank is. If there is a check then its bank account number and IFSC code are sure when a bank account is added, then a list appears in front of you, your own account number, account holder's name, IFSC code, all these things are to be entered and another option is given. Swift code is what it means to you. Let me tell you that Google Adsense sends from the United States of America, you need a swift code.

The SWIFT code helps convert the currency of other countries into Indian or other currency of the country. If you are small then you have to open it, what do you have to do if you give us an example if you are a small Living in the village, you may have any state in place of Uttar Pradesh, if you live in small village and your village has an SBI branch and you have an account inside you Information is to be given every time and when you ask for a free out swift code, then you have to be the branch of your state capital, the mapo SBI, putting the swift code, even after this there is a question that even 10-15 branches of SBI Maybe you can put any one of them into an account's suit in it. Similarly, if you live in any state on any state, then if you do not have Swift Code of your branch, then you can put the Swift code in the capital of your state that is the branch of the same bank which is SWIFT code. After that, there is no need to go there because SWIFT code works first. When Google AdSense becomes your payment, then the SWIFT code you enter will be in that bank. Will first then from there he will come to the account of the verification tell by comments this way you can SBI added to your account if this article related to the question of us down, we will definitely help.

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