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Which software use US Military ? Why The US Military Cannot Be Upgrade From Windows XP ?

Why The US Military Cannot Be Upgrade From Windows XP ?

The US military is widely known as the most technologically advanced on earth with a budget that's larger than next 8 military combined it has brought revolutionary Technologies to warfighting search a GPS munitions the fastest aircraft ever created and the truest tank on earth yet for all its technological proverbs you would be surprised to learn that us military still largey operate on a 17 year old platform Windows XP the US military is hardly unique in its reference to upgrade newer version of Windows after the releases of Windows XP and in 2014 when Microsoft officially ended supporting the again in platform it still accountant for 30% of operating system worldwide within the Pentagon several million computer about 3% of them were still running Windows XP well the various branches of the military have underground efforts to replace the aging operating system the simple truth he is that it's just not as easy as a quick software upgrade many of the Pentagon's computers from that our college mission-critical function,and that means that this computer cannot be at risk of feeling ever new operating system come with lyrics and vulnerabilities, will old software m a y have its own flaws what is proven unreliable in the case of War you always want to beton reliable, show the US military spend Millions on contract with Microsoft to maintain support for all platform from Windows XP to Windows 2003, and other Legacy Microsoft product support no other organisations in the world gets.

Yet Legacy computing system come with serious downside that only pile up as time goes on. Legacy system lag behind state of the art computing unit as described bye Cynthia Dion Schwarz, a senior scientist at the RAND Corp,“ you start to feel like it's being held together with chewing gum and duct tape”. Massive performance show downs are the only problem with using Legacy system through as military personnel May actually find it different to use this old assistant due to outdated or clunky interfaces and their own exposure to modern system the biggest tricks however is cyber security will Legacy system have been thoroughly explored and vetted over the years that they are supported by Microsoft and in wind use, they may still content hidden system flaws, deep within their code that could be exploited buy hacker new system men will enjoy the benefit of being inactive used by million or billions of people with Vulnerabilities and flaws being constantly discovered, identified,and quickly fixed by Microsoft. It's a strange conundrum for the US military older system have the benefit of age and t h u s have likely had the b u i k of security flaws handbags already Discovery ID and addressed, but because fever and fever people use them any undiscovered Flaws could not be that much more catastrophic if exploited. Mainwhile newer systems may have a lot of undiscovered flaws and bugs,but due to the massive amount of people using them they can be quickly Discover rate and corrected the solution may sound easy just use a function of the massive Pentagon's budget to upgrade all computers to the latest version of Windows how hard could it really be?

Upgrading administrative computers would pose very little challenge even for an organisations as large as the US military in 2018 the US Army upgraded 950,000 office IT computers to Windows 10 and become the first military branch to complete the Windows 10 upgrade push the US Air Force follow next hitting its target in Spring 2018 and the US Navy hitting there yet in summer 2018 get even this massive number of computer upgrades are not to be whole story the truth is that most of us military is computers are not sitting in air conditioned officers as the maybe with a large Corporation instant most of the US military is computers are flying in aircraft and floating in vessels All Around The World upgrading these computers means thinkering with computer system that direct support active military operation and might even directly control navigation or weapon system for tanks , warplanes and warships. Known as Windows boxes this computer's first specialised software that is mission critical,and that means that any upgrade must be thoroughly tested to ensure it is compatible with this specialized software.

What would normally be a simple upgrade that asks you to insert a disk and click Mouse button turns into delicate operation that requires a new operating system to be a throughly vetted to interface and work with the highly specialized software that fires a tank's guns, regulates a jet fighters engines, or keeps a multi billion dollar aircraft carrier on course plus that specialise weapon system navigation and communication software was typically build specifically to be a use it with the Legacy Windows system that its computer use this can make a greeting to new version of Windows extremely risky and tricky both. In the words of Thomas sasala director of the US military Architecture Integration Center chief data officer “we cannot risk deploying a mission critical solution of the field and have it fial during a critical mission”. When lives are at risk and military success is on the line it's no surprise that the US military is elected and slow to upgrade from Windows XP but the truth is that has time goes on keeping its most sensitive mission critical computer system running a Legacy of operating system me expose them to critical cyber security threats. Upgrade 7 necessary but any upgrade must never put the US war fighting capabilities at the risky and the vetting and testing necessary to ensure that Goal it is likely that by the time Windows XP is purchase it out completely from US military computer system the Windows version that they are installed with will already be at the end of its lifetime. 

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