Thursday, March 14, 2019

10 people arrested Because They're Playing PUBG Game

10 people arrested in PUBG, arrested a week ago

The trends of playing Pubg in India are becoming more popular, especially due to this it is spreading in children, due to which many children play this King for 10 to 15 hours a day, due to this, some states of India It has decided to ban it in the Rajkot district of Gujarat state, it has been banned first if action against a small child is seen and action can be taken against them.

The 10 people arrested About a week before the Rajkot of Gujarat, a notification was issued about the ban on 'Player Unknown BattleGrounds' (PB). But people did not give up playing pajobas in spite of this. In the last two days, Rajkot Police has arrested 10 people playing PBG. 6 of these are students (undergraduates). Police Commissioner Manoj Agrawal says that on March 6, 12 notifications have been registered since the notification was issued on the ban on the game.

This is a kind of bailable offense. The police can file a case against the people but can not arrest them. They can get Bell immediately. Due to the disregard of the notification, the matter can go to court and trial is also done. On Wednesday, the Rajkot Special Operation Group (Sogo) arrested three people. He was caught playing ducky with a pajji playing They were taken in the Hirsch Two cases have been registered against these people. The police say that these people have been snatched for phone inquiries. Playing this game gets addicted to it. The people caught by the police were so lost in the game that they did not even know that the police team reached them.

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