Monday, March 4, 2019

How much time does it take to get the YouTube Silver Play button

How much time does it take to get the YouTube Silver Play button

When you have over 100k subscribers crossing your channel on YouTube, you are awarded with a YouTube award after it is named Silver Play Button. First of all, it is the channel that crosses 1 lakh, but let us know that every time this You do not necessarily need to get to the channel according to certain rules of YouTube when one million subscribers are completed, after that you will receive an email within 5 to 10 days It comes to the email that you are written in the name of YouTube Reward, whether your channel has crossed 100k subscribers and you will be awarded the YouTube Silver Play button, after which you are given a code below.

Inside which entitles you to the silver play buttonIf you do not have this email, then you can contact YouTube yourself and say and ask when this code comes to you, after that you give YouTube a link under that code that link Youtube result is the website where you get your silver play button when you click on that link, then you will first ask for a code that keeps the code inside your email and If you ask for information on where you want to place that Silver Play Button after putting that code on YES then you have to enter your address phone number and your name there and then you have to click on the option of redeem code, after that You will get to see some such page which will remain the same for around 5 to 10 days, then you will be given all the status such as what is the name of your channel What is the name of the play button coming up and what is the status of that silver play button, you will also see it within 5 to 10 days after you come back to the same website and refresh the page and after that

You will see that when they have shifted the shift then you will have shift written there, then you will get a Tracking ID on the same page that will show you which company Ra Your Silver got the play buttonWhen you track your order, you will see there, where it is located, and how many days it will take you, all of you will be seen on that tracker ID. If you live in India and Brazil, then you will spend about a month It may seem or it may seem more than that and when you come to your address then maybe ask for a few documents from you to verify that you are the same person who It has ordered this silver play button.

It is not in most countries, but in Brazil and India, maybe for some reason it can be demanded. These companies come to India within USP and DHL and many times FedEx also takes this order with your order. You can come if you live in a village or a remote area, it may take you 2 months to give you an example and explain how much it can take from Inside this photo you can see that we had ordered this on 25th day and it will take about 40 to 45 days to come and this address comes inside the city. If you live far away, that means you live in the village area It may take up to 2 months even if your order has shifted and it has been too long, you can contact the company that has shifted and tell your tracking ID. You can learn Fear If you let the comments below, we have a few questions we will definitely help.

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