Friday, March 15, 2019

New Zealand / fishermen in two mosques: Death of 40, Bangladeshi cricketers who went to Namaz read safely

New Zealand / fishermen in two mosques: Death of 40, Bangladeshi cricketers who went to Namaz read safely

New Zealand's Prime Minister, Jessinda, has called the firing a terror attack and the darkest day of the country. Four people including a woman arrested The 28-year-old and Australian citizen Brenton did Facebook Live before the attack, it is still absconding. Bangladesh's tour of New Zealand canceled, tomorrow will return Wellington. A series of firing took place on Friday in Christchurch in New Zealand and the Lynwood Mosque in New Zealand. The attack was done after midday prayers.

Newzeland Terrorist attack

It killed 40 people and injured 50. Police said that we are engaged in handling the situation but the danger is up. The search for the attacker continues. Prime Minister Jessinda Ordnance has called it a terror attack. Four people, including a woman, have been arrested. Police defied several IEDs from a car near a mosque. On the other hand, a bomb was also defused at Brickmort Station station in Auckland. The assailant went live on Facebook According to the New Zealand Police, the attacker was an Australian youngman Brenton Trent (28).

He started streaming live on Facebook even before entering the mosque. In the viral footage on social media, the attacker was seen entering the mosque and firing guns on people. However, Facebook and Twitter blocked this video after the incident. After firing, the assailant talked about getting back the gun and killing people easily by sitting in their car. According to the reports, Brenton also wrote a 37-page manifast with a dangerous motive.   According to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Brenton is a citizen of Australia and he is associated with the fundamental right wing.   Bangladeshi players for Namaz According to local time firing took place around 1.45 pm. Some members of Bangladesh team went to Al-Noor Masjid reading prayers with coaching staff. ESPN Bangladesh's Correspondent Mohammed Islam was also with the players. According to Islam - as soon as the players descended from the bus, they heard the bullets inside the mosque. They were going to go inside that many people ran away from the inside. Some people have died in front of the players. Within 10 minutes the players left for the hotel.  

Bangladesh cricketer Tamim Iqbal tweeted: The whole team is safe from the attackers. It's been a horrific experience. pray for us. The Bangladesh team spokesman said that the entire team is safe but all the players are mentally stressed. Schools closed After this incident, mosques across the country have been asked to shut down. Police Commissioner Mike Bush ordered the closure of all schools in Christchurch due to the firing. Offices, libraries and buildings have also been closed. Mike appealed to the people not to go out on the streets and report any person's suspicious behavior. An eyewitness told that he heard the firing. Four people had fallen on the ground and blood was spreading everywhere.   City Council has released helpline for parents so that children can be taken to a safe place. People were going to gather for climate change rally in nearby areas. Police said that unless people are told that people should not go anywhere.

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